Sticky Words.

The enchanted mind is such a beautiful thing. It’s a misty winter day off in my world and as creativity nips at my heels post wet rainboots and I want my writing to flow easy today, these are words that stay sticky in my mind. When you read something and you’re like “damn, that’s incredible” or “are you reading my mind?” or “is that story about a girl about me?” … I call them sticky words. -k

Tomboy Chic.

That moment when someone looks you up and down and sees you smile and raise your brows at them on the way up because you noticed.

Insert the fancy question: how would you describe your style? I was looking at some old pictures and laughing because at that moment in my dad’s old polos and Mom’s vintage fur coat; damn I looked good.

Tomboy chic. This is my current phase. A skirt topped off with a toque, ripped jeans and sky-high heels or my favourite hoodie and a damn bold lip. Add a bit of 1940 elegance here and there because I am era obsessed and honestly believe I jitterbugged with the boys in a smokey new york speakeasy when everything was black, white and simple.

Every time I visit 5 inch and up I pretty much sigh outloud. She’s the tomboy chicest of the tomboy chic.

Just look… -k















Peace is a wonderful feeling. Peace of self, the unpredictable… peace of mind, spirit, the people who surround you, your confidence and the discovery of the individual you were meant to expose to the millions of people who swirl by you without notice. As the rain showed up unexpectedly today and someone I haven’t spoken with in a while text me unexpectedly today, I started thinking about the people who come into your life for a beautiful moment, leave a mark and then vanish without a wave goodbye. Sometimes you don’t even realize they have left until an epiphany swims through your mind in an everyday moment and you realize that you learned this lesson from them. Like the one I loved for a quick moment and enforced that I was good enough without a distressed mask, taking it with him when he left. And the one that taught me to laugh and dance again because this is my happy place and disappeared mid twirl. And the one that kicked my ass when I was crawling because I’m a fighter and have never turned down a challenge in life. The wind closed these doors when I wasn’t watching. And I am thankful for the late nights and endless conversations and spontaneous masterpieces and unasked for guidance. Now adding it to my book of life. -k

Now Boarding; Direct Flight to What You Want.

I’m a reader. I’m a writer. I search for inspiration and motivation because it keeps me on a direct flight to what I want.

I’m a reader. You know that moment when you find a book that holds onto you with urgency and guidance? I’ve had so many moments in novels where I’ve said “Yes, I know exactly how you/that feels <insert characters name here>” outloud and I get really on edge and just want to tell someone about the coincidence but they wouldn’t understand because they most likely have not been within that moment themselves. So it ends up quoted in my journal and remains a beautiful little secret between the pages and me.

I’m a writer. I had a sleepless night and it reminded me of these words I wrote on a similar eve.

dancin’ like a dandelion.
something sour in my milky way.
i’ve never seen my street corner so still.

the only piece of sky i see between the towers grabs my face and tilts my chin.
my god the stars are so bright for competing with city lights.

you told me that you don’t sleep between two and four.
i said my cave allows me to disappear and ignore.
and here i am eyes wide awake.

I search for inspiration and motivation. You know how hard it is to go with your heart? To let those words of “Do you think this is wise? It’s more likely you’ll fail than succeed in this business. This path has no money…” go in one ear and out the other. Especially during those sensitive first steps. I do. Because I’ve been there. I’ve lost people in my life because of these choices. I’ve gained people in my life because of these choices. And I’m thankful for the ones that supported my vision and smile because I’m smiling.

I always tell people that you can do what makes you happy. And you need to figure out how. The pieces come together. Now to zip back to the reference about a character in a book that you can relate to… it’s like they’re speaking your words and thinking your thoughts. I watched the documentary Being Elmo last night and the featured man, Kevin Clash, was speaking my words and thinking my thoughts. He knew what he wanted and never let anyone crush his dreams. And because he believed and had goals and put forth his whole being into getting what he wanted; it happened. Naturally. I don’t like the word coincidence. When two roads cross out of the blue it’s just timing. It was supposed to happen. And the right thing takes time. That’s exactly what happened in his life. I had a humbling moment of something similar this week. It’s nothing more than realizing you’re in the right place. I highly recommend this documentary. He’s selfless, ambitious and his story is remarkable. Maybe because I get it but I think you might too. -k

If everybody else your age is doing something very different than what you’re doing, there’s always going to be someone saying to you you might not succeed with it, you might not make any money with that… there’s always going to be some type of obstacle in the way. All of those things will go away if you really focus on what makes you happy. -Kevin Clash