The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Christmas dinner with all the polish trimmings topped off with love, funnies and a good game of white elephant gift exchange. We were missing some important pieces to the fam jam puzzle this holiday but ate enough for the whole bunch of us. Family time is just the greatest, isn’t it? Happy Christmas! -k

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It’s the holiday season.

My roomie and I looked at each other after the game finished on Friday night (…and a nice win at home it was!) and said “We have an entire weekend off!” First reaction: Where do we begin? Second reaction: Pour a glass of wine and pass out watching movies with the fellas. Sad, I know. But it’s those simple things.

We spent Saturday doing normal Saturday things. On a Saturday. Woah. We baked cookies and treats and decorated the apartment with a little Christmas jazz. Christmas music filling the place all day long, of course.

Then the crew stopped by. The simple things. I told myself this year that I’m going to really enjoy every moment of this holiday season because it goes by so fast and it’s so wonderful. That personal promise started this weekend. And the spirit continued today with endless Christmas movies and some R&R.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too. -k