Shoe-gamers, I got you.

If you’re a ‘kicks with everything’ kind of human like myself, then let that one Drowzee go (Pokemon GO-ers, I see you!) and stay with me for a quick minute. I spent the last couple of nights drooling over some damn good lookin’ sneakers that have made their way north of the border as of midnight.

Wednesday 5:22pm : As I was digging deep in the closet for the perfect pair of Chucks to pair with my summer hashtag oh oh tee dee (aka #ootd aka #outfitoftheday) the constant chatter in my head was telling me that those chucks were too worn out, girl! But I wore them anyways. And when I got to the Converse Modern Auckland launch tonight (check out #ConverseModern on the interweb) I realized that the more worn out the Converse, the sexier. Somebody make a doc; if those Chucks could talk! 

Welcome to the fam, new friends!


I mean, everyone’s appearance changes as they grow up! The minute I put these bad boys on my feet I knew that they would take me from breakfast to bedtime. Simplicity is my favourite. I’m going to go back to that ‘kicks with everything’ line right now as I line up a couple of pictures of what I wore today. A dress and sneakers? With converse, absolutely.


And this is where I tell you that Footlocker at 247 Yonge Street is the only place that you can get your anxious sneakerhead hands on these. Five colours! Raptor red just made sense for my feet.

I’d say, ‘out with the old, in with the new’ but I’m all about saving those sneaker stories. The stains, the scuffs, the good stuff. Just adding these to the collection.


Footlocker also opened the first #PumaLab in Canada at the Footlocker on Queen Street West this week. So many shoes! So much awesome. -k



Kat’s Closet: Game Mode

It’s been a minute due to an insanely busy month on home turf for the Raptors. I should just sleep at the arena. I’m obsessed with the feeling in the city and the support behind the team right now. The #WeTheNorth movement is stronger than ever and I’ve had so much fun with the fans at the games. Attacking my ninth season with the organization, I’ve never experienced the highs that are filling the arena walls like this before. A big thanks to Real Sports Toronto for keeping me geared up to rep the Raps all season long. Tomboy Chic-ing all November in red lips and kicks. -k


Kat’s Closet: Shift of Season.

Back in the red, white and black and it feels so good! Preseason has kicked off and I’ve dug out the Raptors colours that were tucked away until next season. Tomboy chic is my comfort zone so a pair of tapered track pants and heels just makes sense. I like adding business pieces (like the crisp white vest) to chill gear for the best of both worlds. Pulling together an outfit for games is just another part of the gig I adore. 42 games to go. To the court, batman! -k

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. – Rachel Zoe

10710906_764601183871_2231948289654795673_nRaptors T-shirt – Real Sports Apparel
White Vest – Zara
Track Pants – Adidas
Heels – Aldo

Kat’s Closet: Blue & White Night.

It’s playoffs in the city! Feels pretty fab. I’m blogging on my balcony and just minute ago a five piece band marched past my building playing the hockey song. Just because. It’s been chaos in Maple Leaf Square where the game has been played on the big screen and a sea of blue and white unite. I’m pretty amped to be hosting the tailgate parties this week when the Leafs come back to home ice. It’s going to be a madhouse. I’m pulling out all of my blue and white, just like this ensemble I wore for game number one. Because it’s the cup. -k

Sweatshirt – Real Sports Apparel
Jeans – Madewell
Plaid Shirt – Aritzia
Shoes – Converse

Kat’s Closet: I Said A Hip.

My red and black garb has been hanging in my closet for two weeks now. I’m going through a bit of post season withdrawl. My jerseys have found their summer spot again on my bedpost and my fave game day red heels are asleep under my bed. It’s ‘me time’ time for a short bit because I think it’s healthy and Kat’s closet on my blog has been suffering because the truth is, I’ve been living in sweatpants and gym clothes and ponytails and a fresh face. The two loads of laundry I did tonight proved that. But this little gem made me pretty happy. It’s just a sweatshirt. But it’s pretty damn cool. My passion for fashion has been biting at me bad and in that moment a fun little project came up. I’m gagging with passion over combining exactly the above: fashion + sports. Rock it to the bang, bang boogie. -k


Kat’s Closet: Goodbye Winter.

I ate dinner on my balcony tonight. I went for a walk with a dear friend and had the windows open as I cleaned my apartment that held hot mess impressions of the last couple of weeks. Tutus and tatted up scripts and unpacked bags were the blankets of madness on the floor. And the sunshine and warm air made everything better.
I put my fur vest away for the winter.
This was the last time I wore it. At the opening of House of Hoops in Toronto. Repping my Raptors on my hat of course. Obviously. -k

Vest- Zara
Shirt- Joe Fresh
High Waist Jeans- American Apparel
Shoes- Nine West
Hat- Real Sports Apparel
Clutch – Vintage

Kat’s Closet: Game Gear.

And it’s down to the last three…

I see the finish line. I can’t believe the end of my seventh season is within view. It’s a mad eight months  of so much colour, hype, high energy and passion. When you love what you do you throw your whole heart into the game. You wear your team on your sleeve. Not a week goes by without the Raptors logo splashed somewhere on my 5’8″ frame. Game night consists of two outfits; a broadcast appropriate piece and then I sub out a shirt and/or blazer for some in-arena gear.

Here’s a recent in game special. -k

photo-80Hoodie: Adidas, Real Sports Apparel
Jean Vest: Mendocino
Jeans: American Apparel
Heels: Nine West

Kat’s Closet – Called on the Suspenders.

One of my favourite neighbourhoods in Toronto is Ossington. It’s raw. It’s real. One of my go-to accessories lately have been my suspenders. I’ve worn them with jeans and shorts and skirts. I’ve worn them up and dropped down. They’re uber cute, uber hipster and uber me. This was Saturday night. -k
-shirt – Gongshow via Real Sports Apparel
Jeans – J Brand
Suspenders – From my tap dancing days. Truth.
Boots – Nine West
Lipstick – MAC Lady Danger

Kat’s Closet – Break Those Blues.

January is the official start of the so called winter blues. I have found a positive: sales. Sales, sales, sales. Save your moola and do a little January retail therapy. This outfit is the result of just that. And colour. Mixing patterns just makes me happy. Break those so called rules. Ah, the simple life savers. -k
utton Up Shirt: Zara $29.99
Polka Dot Shirt: Zara $29.99
Jeans: J Brand (old)
Shoes: Fossil $59.99
Necklace: Zara
Scarf: H&M