Peace is a wonderful feeling. Peace of self, the unpredictable… peace of mind, spirit, the people who surround you, your confidence and the discovery of the individual you were meant to expose to the millions of people who swirl by you without notice. As the rain showed up unexpectedly today and someone I haven’t spoken with in a while text me unexpectedly today, I started thinking about the people who come into your life for a beautiful moment, leave a mark and then vanish without a wave goodbye. Sometimes you don’t even realize they have left until an epiphany swims through your mind in an everyday moment and you realize that you learned this lesson from them. Like the one I loved for a quick moment and enforced that I was good enough without a distressed mask, taking it with him when he left. And the one that taught me to laugh and dance again because this is my happy place and disappeared mid twirl. And the one that kicked my ass when I was crawling because I’m a fighter and have never turned down a challenge in life. The wind closed these doors when I wasn’t watching. And I am thankful for the late nights and endless conversations and spontaneous masterpieces and unasked for guidance. Now adding it to my book of life. -k

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