hello. I'm Kat.


Kat Stefankiewicz tackles the entertainment world with a genuine enthusiasm, class and diversity, working professionally as a television host, emcee, dancer, actor and choreographer. She is multi-platform digital personality and social influencer, working with respected brands and the outlet of her personal brand to curate relatable, real and raw stories that unite humanity on a ‘we’re all in this together’ type of level. Kat is well known for her enthusiastic presence as the in-game host for Canada’s only NBA team, the Toronto Raptors. Since graduating from the triple threat Music Theatre Performance Program at Sheridan College, she also adds feature film, television and live theatre & events to her background.

If you know Kat and her expressive passion for life it might be hard to believe that she was a very shy kid. Entering kindergarten with Polish as her first language, her parents realized early that performing brought out the confidence in her when she was the lead in the Christmas concert, singing multiple solos in English. Through her formative years in her hometown of Burlington, Ontario, Kat continued her passion for performing as a competitive dancer, eventually teaching young dancers with big dreams like her. Growing up in an active sports family, she hopped back and forth between the dance floor and the baseball diamond, playing competitive baseball too. Kat is a huge advocate of an active and healthy lifestyle for both the body and mind and is an avid runner and yoga enthusiast. She is also an adidas ambassador and a spin instructor at Spokehaus in Toronto.

Kat joined the Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment family as a member of the Raptors Dance Pak weeks after graduating from Sheridan College and this kicked off her journey in the world of entertainment. She dedicated her passion and choreography to the team for five seasons, standing as captain for three. Kat then joined the NBA TV Canada team as a host and reporter. She has since replaced her dancing shoes with a microphone as the Raptors in-game host and had the opportunity to host the NBA All-Star Game at NBA All-Star Weekend 2016 in Toronto and NBA All-Star Saturday Night 2017 in New Orleans and 2018 in Los Angeles. You can currently find her taking you into the world of the NBA as the host of NBA XL and Raptors Rundown on NBA TV Canada.

when writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.