Sticky Words.

The enchanted mind is such a beautiful thing. It’s a misty winter day off in my world and as creativity nips at my heels post wet rainboots and I want my writing to flow easy today, these are words that stay sticky in my mind. When you read something and you’re like “damn, that’s incredible” or “are you reading my mind?” or “is that story about a girl about me?” … I call them sticky words. -k

2 thoughts on “Sticky Words.

  1. I love sticky words. The time when your mind is quiet and they drift into your awareness, unbidden, uncalled for, just floating there amidst the serenity of your mind. I love misty winter days as well. Put on your wellies and go for a walk and see what sticky words are conjured up. “She was a phantom of delight, when first she gleamed upon my sight, a lovely apparition sent to be a moment’s ornament…”

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