Kat’s Closet – Weekend Edition.

Sometimes I’m a bit of a hermit. The status took over this weekend. And I’m okay with it.

The fall breeze has no doubt landed on our city. And I’m okay with it.

Friday night I left my apartment after ten for a late night dinner in Greek town. I love the possibility of visiting so many different cultures within such a small radius. It’s one of the perks of living in the big city. And I love doing the opposite of what others are doing at that time. The restaurant was perfectly peaceful as a result. And this is what I wore…

Blazer – Gloss
Shirt – Gap
Jeans – J Brand
Knee High Boots – Zara
Scarf – Zara
Flower Pin – Zara
Lipstick – Russian Red – MAC

I went home to my Hamptons this weekend. Fact: when I go home I tend to wear the same sweater/hoodie for three days and borrow all other necessities from my younger sister. She’s okay with it. The simple life is so refreshing. I’m trying to take as much advantage of it as possible before weekends start filling up with the NBA season. A walk on the beach, football Sunday, a book, Sudoku, boardwalk run, blogging, windows down driving country roads, Starbucks chats and the Walmart run was about it! And layers. Lots of layers… and fam jam love. -k

Sweater – Aritzia
Jeans Shirt – Zara
Jeans – Urban Outfitters
Infinity Scarf – Calvin Klein
Hat – Roots
Shoes – Converse

Kat’s Closet – Dusty Rose.

Once a week my roomie and I take a night to catch up. This is the first time I’ve had a roomie other than a boy I lived with for five years. And it’s a perfect fit. We both live a hustle of a life and it’s nice to have a common understanding. We see each other only in passing some days, handing off coffees, short stories and funny ‘you’ll never guess what happened’ moments.

Last week we started the evening at Fiorio’s 35th Anniversary party. The amazing salon and staff have been keeping me prettied up for the past couple of years; all wonderful, talented people. Then we talked about taking over the world over a bottle of vino and some late night dinner. I like these nights.

It’s that transition between seasons right now where you mix and match summer and fall garb. Everything was coming up roses… -k

Blazer – Gap
Sweater – Roomie’s
Sequin Shorts – Club Monaco
Shoes – Aldo
Purse – Vintage

Creativity Overload.

There’s a dabble of art in everything you do. And then those creative types who need it in their lives for a natural high take it to the next level. And when those creative types join forces to make art I call it creativity overload.

I have so many talented friends covering different outlets of an artists life. Using their hands, bodies, voices, minds, paint brushes, cameras, microphones and tap shoes. And every now and then we come together and intertwine our strengths to create something new. In the journey  down the road of creativity I have always believed in helping each other out. It’s a heck of a journey so why not make magic together and help someone find their next open door. Karma is an awesome thing.

A few weeks back I joined forces with Toronto based photographer Valter Mendes (@mendesphoto) and Toronto based make-up artist Jasmine Duffey (@jasmineduffey) for a creative. We dragged our suitcases, Starbucks and stirring minds to the Gardiner underpass in the east end and let the setting sun and surroundings tell us what to do. They did. And this is just a glimpse of what happened…

It was a pleasure working with these two talented folk. Check out their work!

Kat’s Closet- TIFF 2012

And on continues just another manic Monday. It’s been a whirlwind month, ticking off days towards another change of pace. Sipping multiple coffees and squeezing in some final late nights before the transition into another basketball season starts.

TIFF is one of my favourite times in the city. Busy streets and restaurants, beautiful people from around the world and the magic of the movies.

I hit the scene in a pretty simple palate. When the weather starts getting a bit chillier I always tend to grab the black, white and greys. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe just a refreshing something new after a summer of brights. Here are three looks from my week. I doubled up on some pieces but that’s the beauty of finding some real good staples; the mix and match game. And happy new week to you. Make it awesome. -k

Silk Blazer – Zara
Shirt – American Apparel 
Lace Shorts – Urban Outfitters
Silver Collar – Zara
Shoes – Kelsi Dagger
Headscarf – A random piece of fabric in my closet

Shirt – H&M
Leather Skirt – Vintage
Necklace – Zara
Shoes – Michael Kors
Purse – Zara

Silk Blazer – Zara
Pleated Shorts – Skirt
Corset – Jacob
Knee High Tights – The Bay
Shoes – Kelsi Dagger

Kat’s Closet – Work Mode

These are my favourite days. It doesn’t matter if I had a sleepless night due to my brain spinning creative mumble jumble of the next days events or uncontrollable factors that punch you in the gut when you’re not looking. This is exactly how it was, actually. (Hense the quiet week on the blog.) And as I sat backstage anticipating show number two, mic’d up, graffiti enhanced script in hand, holding the third coffee of the day, throwing myself into a new challenge; this was perfect.

I really believe the truth within comes out in what you wear. Out of every sleeve/button/cuff/seam in your closet you put this on today for a reason. So this was my professional look with a Kat twist.

It’s a new week. Make it awesome. -k

Plaid Shirt- Zara
Blazer- H&M
Pants- Zara (They’re lace! And they’re a staple in my wardrobe.)
Shoes- Nine West
Flower Pin- Zara (This changes everything!)
Lipstick- ‘Lady Danger’ MAC

Kat’s Closet- Girly Grunge.

What a wonderful weekend whirlwind! I hope everyone did the last long weekend of the summer proud. I spent most of mine in a bathing suit + ray bans or some torn denim + tank jam sitting poolside in the city spin or rooftop getting some BBQ in.
So when we moved the crew to hipster-esque Ossington, I threw together this quick lookie and sailed west. I adore mixing unexpected pieces. A little edgy to cover the pretty with barely there accessories. Just my go-to arm candy that I was already wearing. Shoes can change an outfit dramatically. Tomboy chic and girly grunge. -k

Dress- Kitson
Plaid Shirt- Gloss

Kat’s Closet – Layer Love.

Summer days are turning into hazy goodbyes. I can tell by the late night layers needed this past week. Fall is my favourite dressing season so it’s a bittersweet goodbye. Mix and matching heavy and bare necessities. Hugged by sweaters and scarves yet skimpy stilettos holding you up. A party dress and a toque as the final touch. Army green and ripped jeans. Denim daze head to toe.

This was a taste of just that this past week. And then we all danced like no one was watching under a shiny disco ball.

Striped Sloppy T- Brandy Melville SOHO
Jean Vest- Mendocino
Plaid Shirt- Forever 21
Pleather Knee Capped Pants- H&M
Shoes- Converse
Purse- Urban Outfitters

Kat’s Closet – Flats and Hats.

Spontaneity. A favourite word and action of mine. The unexpected next day race or chase. The familiarity of something unfamiliar. Throwing a dart at a map. A different daily dance. Living in the moment and doing what you want to do. Right there. Right when the clock strikes now.

This week has been a blur of all of the things I love in regards to work. From the TV studio to social media hangouts, a self made rehearsal space and a warehouse set in dusty dance shoes. I can’t really imagine it any other way. I’m tired and my feet hurt and I would have loved to successfully find the treasure chest with the key that unlocks a few more hours to each 24 hour day. I didn’t want to be greedy so flats and hats were the go-to to speed up the time clock.

I snuck out for a little balance after my eyes started blurring words on the computer screen into run on sentences and sat with good people on a patio on College Street. Balance is my other favourite word. It’s so important. So balance it was! A la flats and hats. -k
Dress- H&M
Boots- Steve Madden
Hat- The Muskoka Store

Kat’s Closet- Weekend Edition.

I’ve been slapping the “staycation” card on the table all summer. And it’s been winning me major good times. And so as the summer glow fizzles a little more each day I’m for sure as heck taking advantage of the last hoorah.

Enter this weekend.

It was maybe the new moon, my broadway bound insomnia or that bad tuna salad I ate friday afternoon that put me a little left of center this weekend. I painted my toenails black. And I was in a carefree state of mind and rambled together whatever the heck jumped out of my closet at me with twenty minutes to dress to impress. Or not impress. I was not out to impress. A black and white palate was the tone of taste. Bright anything was not guiding me through my milky way.

Friday I met new people. Amazing people. Sauntered down Queen West to the Savoy and Beaconsfield and Brooklyn. Let the good times roll in a rock and roll soul inspired ensemble. This KISS tshirt started as a tshirt seven years ago. I cut a hole in the neck three years ago because it was fraying. I cut the sleeves off a few weeks ago. It’s tattered and torn and I can’t get enough. Threw a sheer black dress over lace shorts and went with some dressy heels for shits and giggles. Rockstar on the top, girly on the bottom. Just a whole lot of me.

Shirt- Some vintage store on Queen West that’s not there anymore. Time flies.
Dress – Same as above.
Lace Shorts- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- Marc Fisher
Jacket- Danier
Purse- Zara
Lipstick- Costa Chic- MAC

Saturday I spent the day at the zoo. Decided that all animals are spanish because at 3pm they were all siesta-ing when we arrived and we were looking for action. I got home in need of a siesta from the sun and had birthday shenanigans to attend at a dive bar on Dundas. Danced to the best 80s jams ever. Let go. Loved life.

Tshirt- Sauce Hockey
Varsity Jacket- Forever 21. Shocking, eh?
Pants- H&M
Heels- Aldo
Purse- Urban Outfitters

Glasses- Vendor in Soho NYC

Put yourself in a zone of magic. Nobody is here long enough to do it any other way. And I hope you had a magical weekend too. -k