These are my favourite days. It doesn’t matter if I had a sleepless night due to my brain spinning creative mumble jumble of the next days events or uncontrollable factors that punch you in the gut when you’re not looking. This is exactly how it was, actually. (Hense the quiet week on the blog.) And as I sat backstage anticipating show number two, mic’d up, graffiti enhanced script in hand, holding the third coffee of the day, throwing myself into a new challenge; this was perfect.

I really believe the truth within comes out in what you wear. Out of every sleeve/button/cuff/seam in your closet you put this on today for a reason. So this was my professional look with a Kat twist.

It’s a new week. Make it awesome. -k

Plaid Shirt- Zara
Blazer- H&M
Pants- Zara (They’re lace! And they’re a staple in my wardrobe.)
Shoes- Nine West
Flower Pin- Zara (This changes everything!)
Lipstick- ‘Lady Danger’ MAC

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