And on continues just another manic Monday. It’s been a whirlwind month, ticking off days towards another change of pace. Sipping multiple coffees and squeezing in some final late nights before the transition into another basketball season starts.

TIFF is one of my favourite times in the city. Busy streets and restaurants, beautiful people from around the world and the magic of the movies.

I hit the scene in a pretty simple palate. When the weather starts getting a bit chillier I always tend to grab the black, white and greys. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe just a refreshing something new after a summer of brights. Here are three looks from my week. I doubled up on some pieces but that’s the beauty of finding some real good staples; the mix and match game. And happy new week to you. Make it awesome. -k

Silk Blazer – Zara
Shirt – American Apparel 
Lace Shorts – Urban Outfitters
Silver Collar – Zara
Shoes – Kelsi Dagger
Headscarf – A random piece of fabric in my closet

Shirt – H&M
Leather Skirt – Vintage
Necklace – Zara
Shoes – Michael Kors
Purse – Zara

Silk Blazer – Zara
Pleated Shorts – Skirt
Corset – Jacob
Knee High Tights – The Bay
Shoes – Kelsi Dagger

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