There’s a dabble of art in everything you do. And then those creative types who need it in their lives for a natural high take it to the next level. And when those creative types join forces to make art I call it creativity overload.

I have so many talented friends covering different outlets of an artists life. Using their hands, bodies, voices, minds, paint brushes, cameras, microphones and tap shoes. And every now and then we come together and intertwine our strengths to create something new. In the journey  down the road of creativity I have always believed in helping each other out. It’s a heck of a journey so why not make magic together and help someone find their next open door. Karma is an awesome thing.

A few weeks back I joined forces with Toronto based photographer Valter Mendes (@mendesphoto) and Toronto based make-up artist Jasmine Duffey (@jasmineduffey) for a creative. We dragged our suitcases, Starbucks and stirring minds to the Gardiner underpass in the east end and let the setting sun and surroundings tell us what to do. They did. And this is just a glimpse of what happened…

It was a pleasure working with these two talented folk. Check out their work!

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