I’ve been slapping the “staycation” card on the table all summer. And it’s been winning me major good times. And so as the summer glow fizzles a little more each day I’m for sure as heck taking advantage of the last hoorah.

Enter this weekend.

It was maybe the new moon, my broadway bound insomnia or that bad tuna salad I ate friday afternoon that put me a little left of center this weekend. I painted my toenails black. And I was in a carefree state of mind and rambled together whatever the heck jumped out of my closet at me with twenty minutes to dress to impress. Or not impress. I was not out to impress. A black and white palate was the tone of taste. Bright anything was not guiding me through my milky way.

Friday I met new people. Amazing people. Sauntered down Queen West to the Savoy and Beaconsfield and Brooklyn. Let the good times roll in a rock and roll soul inspired ensemble. This KISS tshirt started as a tshirt seven years ago. I cut a hole in the neck three years ago because it was fraying. I cut the sleeves off a few weeks ago. It’s tattered and torn and I can’t get enough. Threw a sheer black dress over lace shorts and went with some dressy heels for shits and giggles. Rockstar on the top, girly on the bottom. Just a whole lot of me.

Shirt- Some vintage store on Queen West that’s not there anymore. Time flies.
Dress – Same as above.
Lace Shorts- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- Marc Fisher
Jacket- Danier
Purse- Zara
Lipstick- Costa Chic- MAC

Saturday I spent the day at the zoo. Decided that all animals are spanish because at 3pm they were all siesta-ing when we arrived and we were looking for action. I got home in need of a siesta from the sun and had birthday shenanigans to attend at a dive bar on Dundas. Danced to the best 80s jams ever. Let go. Loved life.

Tshirt- Sauce Hockey
Varsity Jacket- Forever 21. Shocking, eh?
Pants- H&M
Heels- Aldo
Purse- Urban Outfitters

Glasses- Vendor in Soho NYC

Put yourself in a zone of magic. Nobody is here long enough to do it any other way. And I hope you had a magical weekend too. -k

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