Kat’s Closet – Workin’ Lady.

Do you ever have those days where there seems to be a theme within your tweets and texts and coffee talks and youtube searches? A universal pattern. Today’s was “you have the coolest job.” That was the exact sentence that rang through all outlets. I do. January has been jam packed with Raptors games. And with tired eyes and a brain at full capacity as the end of the month rolls on in, I have loved every minute. Here’s a game day outfit from the role call. They won tonight, ps. Demar sank the buzzer beater and they’re coming home happy. -k
hirt – Real Sports Apparel
Pants – Joe Fresh
Shoes – Nine West

Kat’s Closet – Colour Block.

It is absolutely 3am. I’m sitting here waiting for the fella and our food. Days turn into nights turn into days. It’s a wild life, a city themed life, and even though some mornings I wake up wanting nothing but the pillow under my cheek forever, ever, I am still thankful for it all.

The Raptors are on the west coast which brings games that finish after 11pm. So after the final basket I had a 15 minute time limit to change and headed out to the city’s west end to say happy bornday to a good friend. The roomie is on the west coast too with some of my garb. So I took hers. Roomates are awesome for a second closet. Same colour, different textures. Insert Friday night… greys. And shiny pants, obviously. It’s the weekend! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! -k

Image-23Sweater – Gloss
Jeans – H&M
Shoes – Nine West
Clutch – Zara
Lipstick – MAC Lady Danger

Kat’s Closet – Backpacking through the City.

Honestly, some days I laugh at the amount of outfit changes I go through. This isn’t including workout gear. Yesterday I kept the tally to two. And I inserted a new accessory. Welcome my new backpack to the family. Fancy backpack. Dressed up or down, it’s perfect for my city commutes. And I’m respectful of my fellow subway goers and take it off on the tube. She took me from a shoot, to the gym, to home cooked taco dinner with the fella. She’s cute. I like her. -k

photo-63Blazer – H&M
Jeans Shirt – GAP
Jeans – Zara
Shoes – Converse
Necklace – Zara
photo-64Jacket – Zara
Plaid Shirt – Gloss
Leggings – American Apparel
Thigh High Socks – American Apparel
Shoes – Steve by Steve Madden
Scarf – Urban Outfitters
Toque – Roots

Kat’s Closet – Comfort Zone

I shuffled between the TV studio, red carpet, basketball arena and rehearsal floor this week. Honestly, just typing that gives me a happy buzz. This meant that I shuffled between city commute military boots, red high heels, my most comfortable pair of ankle booties and strappy ballroom shoes. But my go to? Chucks. Cons. Converse. That’s my comfort zone. And this was post red carpet interviews and pre shuffling to rehearsal. -k

Blazer – Forever 21
Jean Shirt – Gap
Layered Bodysuit & Cropped Tank – American Apparel
Pants – Scotch & Soda
Kicks – Converse
Lipstick – MAC Russian Red

Kat’s Closet – Stay Classy

You know all of those things that you always wanted to do? You should do them. These words sing song in my head daily. And I share them with others pretty much daily. Right now the baby steps towards checkmarks are smaller than I want. Everybody does it differently when competition hollers. I’m a competitive person. But I believe you can stay classy.

Last night CK ( ICANDI BLOG) and I talked about taking over the world at a corner table at Weslodge. And the baby steps grew a bit. Forwards, backwards, no right or wrong way. I wore my peplum backwards instead of forwards last night.

And my pearls. Stay classy. -k

Leather Peplum – Zara
Shirt – H&M
Jeans – Citizens of Humanity
Jacket – Anthropologie
Boots – Nine West
Lipstick – MAC Lady Danger

Kat’s Closet – Peplum Please.

Weekends are always such a mad dash between work and celebratory wishes in repeat. This has perfected my functioning on too little zzz’s and multi-tasking magic. Note this outfits accessory; a scrumdiliumptious fibre one bar. I was waiting for my ride to birthday festivities and needed a quick snack to tie me over. Multi-tasking magic.

I haven’t been in H&M is eons it seems. The one closest to me is always full of chaos because of it’s downtown Toronto location but I braved the storm the other week and found a couple of cute additions to my closet. I wore these pants for the first game of the Raptors season. My choice to wear them was inspired by Beyonce’s courtside outfit for the Brooklyn Nets home opener the night before.  Nobody like B. And I’ve been rockin’ my my inner Madmen 40’s inspired ‘do all weekend too just because I felt like stepping outside of my box. Truth is, it’s completely me. Hope your weekend was magical. -k

Peplum Top – H&M
Cropped Pant – H&M
Fringed Necklace – Zara
Boots – Nine West
Fibre One Bar – Whole Foods

Tomboy Chic.

That moment when someone looks you up and down and sees you smile and raise your brows at them on the way up because you noticed.

Insert the fancy question: how would you describe your style? I was looking at some old pictures and laughing because at that moment in my dad’s old polos and Mom’s vintage fur coat; damn I looked good.

Tomboy chic. This is my current phase. A skirt topped off with a toque, ripped jeans and sky-high heels or my favourite hoodie and a damn bold lip. Add a bit of 1940 elegance here and there because I am era obsessed and honestly believe I jitterbugged with the boys in a smokey new york speakeasy when everything was black, white and simple.

Every time I visit 5 inch and up I pretty much sigh outloud. She’s the tomboy chicest of the tomboy chic.

Just look… -k














Kat’s Closet – Weekend Edition.

Sometimes I’m a bit of a hermit. The status took over this weekend. And I’m okay with it.

The fall breeze has no doubt landed on our city. And I’m okay with it.

Friday night I left my apartment after ten for a late night dinner in Greek town. I love the possibility of visiting so many different cultures within such a small radius. It’s one of the perks of living in the big city. And I love doing the opposite of what others are doing at that time. The restaurant was perfectly peaceful as a result. And this is what I wore…

Blazer – Gloss
Shirt – Gap
Jeans – J Brand
Knee High Boots – Zara
Scarf – Zara
Flower Pin – Zara
Lipstick – Russian Red – MAC

I went home to my Hamptons this weekend. Fact: when I go home I tend to wear the same sweater/hoodie for three days and borrow all other necessities from my younger sister. She’s okay with it. The simple life is so refreshing. I’m trying to take as much advantage of it as possible before weekends start filling up with the NBA season. A walk on the beach, football Sunday, a book, Sudoku, boardwalk run, blogging, windows down driving country roads, Starbucks chats and the Walmart run was about it! And layers. Lots of layers… and fam jam love. -k

Sweater – Aritzia
Jeans Shirt – Zara
Jeans – Urban Outfitters
Infinity Scarf – Calvin Klein
Hat – Roots
Shoes – Converse

Kat’s Closet – Dusty Rose.

Once a week my roomie and I take a night to catch up. This is the first time I’ve had a roomie other than a boy I lived with for five years. And it’s a perfect fit. We both live a hustle of a life and it’s nice to have a common understanding. We see each other only in passing some days, handing off coffees, short stories and funny ‘you’ll never guess what happened’ moments.

Last week we started the evening at Fiorio’s 35th Anniversary party. The amazing salon and staff have been keeping me prettied up for the past couple of years; all wonderful, talented people. Then we talked about taking over the world over a bottle of vino and some late night dinner. I like these nights.

It’s that transition between seasons right now where you mix and match summer and fall garb. Everything was coming up roses… -k

Blazer – Gap
Sweater – Roomie’s
Sequin Shorts – Club Monaco
Shoes – Aldo
Purse – Vintage

Kat’s Closet- TIFF 2012

And on continues just another manic Monday. It’s been a whirlwind month, ticking off days towards another change of pace. Sipping multiple coffees and squeezing in some final late nights before the transition into another basketball season starts.

TIFF is one of my favourite times in the city. Busy streets and restaurants, beautiful people from around the world and the magic of the movies.

I hit the scene in a pretty simple palate. When the weather starts getting a bit chillier I always tend to grab the black, white and greys. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe just a refreshing something new after a summer of brights. Here are three looks from my week. I doubled up on some pieces but that’s the beauty of finding some real good staples; the mix and match game. And happy new week to you. Make it awesome. -k

Silk Blazer – Zara
Shirt – American Apparel 
Lace Shorts – Urban Outfitters
Silver Collar – Zara
Shoes – Kelsi Dagger
Headscarf – A random piece of fabric in my closet

Shirt – H&M
Leather Skirt – Vintage
Necklace – Zara
Shoes – Michael Kors
Purse – Zara

Silk Blazer – Zara
Pleated Shorts – Skirt
Corset – Jacob
Knee High Tights – The Bay
Shoes – Kelsi Dagger