Kat’s Closet: I Said A Hip.

My red and black garb has been hanging in my closet for two weeks now. I’m going through a bit of post season withdrawl. My jerseys have found their summer spot again on my bedpost and my fave game day red heels are asleep under my bed. It’s ‘me time’ time for a short bit because I think it’s healthy and Kat’s closet on my blog has been suffering because the truth is, I’ve been living in sweatpants and gym clothes and ponytails and a fresh face. The two loads of laundry I did tonight proved that. But this little gem made me pretty happy. It’s just a sweatshirt. But it’s pretty damn cool. My passion for fashion has been biting at me bad and in that moment a fun little project came up. I’m gagging with passion over combining exactly the above: fashion + sports. Rock it to the bang, bang boogie. -k


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