Shoe-gamers, I got you.

If you’re a ‘kicks with everything’ kind of human like myself, then let that one Drowzee go (Pokemon GO-ers, I see you!) and stay with me for a quick minute. I spent the last couple of nights drooling over some damn good lookin’ sneakers that have made their way north of the border as of midnight.

Wednesday 5:22pm : As I was digging deep in the closet for the perfect pair of Chucks to pair with my summer hashtag oh oh tee dee (aka #ootd aka #outfitoftheday) the constant chatter in my head was telling me that those chucks were too worn out, girl! But I wore them anyways. And when I got to the Converse Modern Auckland launch tonight (check out #ConverseModern on the interweb) I realized that the more worn out the Converse, the sexier. Somebody make a doc; if those Chucks could talk! 

Welcome to the fam, new friends!


I mean, everyone’s appearance changes as they grow up! The minute I put these bad boys on my feet I knew that they would take me from breakfast to bedtime. Simplicity is my favourite. I’m going to go back to that ‘kicks with everything’ line right now as I line up a couple of pictures of what I wore today. A dress and sneakers? With converse, absolutely.


And this is where I tell you that Footlocker at 247 Yonge Street is the only place that you can get your anxious sneakerhead hands on these. Five colours! Raptor red just made sense for my feet.

I’d say, ‘out with the old, in with the new’ but I’m all about saving those sneaker stories. The stains, the scuffs, the good stuff. Just adding these to the collection.


Footlocker also opened the first #PumaLab in Canada at the Footlocker on Queen Street West this week. So many shoes! So much awesome. -k



The ‘C’ word.

Cancer sucks.

I doubt the darn thing has missed anyone in this world when it comes to touching their life as a victim, hand holder, supporter, healer or fighter.

I’ve lost some of the most important people to me to the ‘C’ word. And it’s been a quiet month in my world as once again he took away a few too many incredible people that I was lucky to know.

They were fighters. And there are still people out there fighting. And that’s why I’m joining my colleagues in some friendly competition to show the ‘C’ word who’s boss at the MLSE Team Up Challenge.

We’re raising funds for an amazing little boy named Zach, who at five years old has won the fight against cancer. We want him to know what a summer of fun is supposed to feel like and send him and his siblings to Camp Trillium.

And you can help us make Zach a happy camper. Below is our team page where we are raising money to put smiles on kids faces who have not felt enough of them in their lives. Thank you kindly to everyone who has already donated, you’re awesome! These are those feel good days.

Game face ON!!! -k

Every little bit helps —> LET’S SEND ZACH TO CAMP

Hey little fighter soon it will be brighter

Just another day at the office.

As the calendar strikes October and I sit here prepping for another busy day on the work front and the pace of my days speed up down a new post summer Main Street, I once again reflect on the moments that keep me ticking. These are the ones where the label “Taking you past security for the Toronto Raptors” that I’ve placed on my twitter bio comes into effect. The ones that people will remember forever. The great ones.

As we countdown to the first tip off of the new NBA season, the wonderful team I work with did a little ticket delivery ambush to a seventeen year season seat holder. Bob was beyond words to receive his tickets in person via Landry Fields instead of the mail. And the rest of us all left the scene of the crime saying that was one of the great ones.

Here’s the story through the camera lens and the talented crew following the day. Everybody made it what it was. A great one. -k

Porcelain Cabaret Chic

Porcelain is a cabaret chic inspired show that I’ve been fortunate to be a part of, as both talent and contributing choreographer. Amberley Waddell, the shows creator, took a leap into the scary unknown, taking the popular burlesque movement from her dancing days in Vegas and LA and took a chance on a town called Toronto where it had yet to exist. Stepping back onto the dance stage after a year hiatus, I realized the need for music and movement in my life. It’s an outlet that makes my skin buzz and pokes at the unreachable zones that I often tuck under my pillow for a rainy day at home. And that I definitely left a piece of my heart in the 1920s. We’re making our stops through the city. is where you can get the scoop! Did I tell you how much I admire and adore these ladies? Laughs, tears, bruises, fears…we’ve left our souls on the dance floor for you.