Porcelain Cabaret Chic

Porcelain is a cabaret chic inspired show that I’ve been fortunate to be a part of, as both talent and contributing choreographer. Amberley Waddell, the shows creator, took a leap into the scary unknown, taking the popular burlesque movement from her dancing days in Vegas and LA and took a chance on a town called Toronto where it had yet to exist. Stepping back onto the dance stage after a year hiatus, I realized the need for music and movement in my life. It’s an outlet that makes my skin buzz and pokes at the unreachable zones that I often tuck under my pillow for a rainy day at home. And that I definitely left a piece of my heart in the 1920s. We’re making our stops through the city. info@amberleywaddell.com is where you can get the scoop! Did I tell you how much I admire and adore these ladies? Laughs, tears, bruises, fears…we’ve left our souls on the dance floor for you.

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