Just another day at the office.

As the calendar strikes October and I sit here prepping for another busy day on the work front and the pace of my days speed up down a new post summer Main Street, I once again reflect on the moments that keep me ticking. These are the ones where the label “Taking you past security for the Toronto Raptors” that I’ve placed on my twitter bio comes into effect. The ones that people will remember forever. The great ones.

As we countdown to the first tip off of the new NBA season, the wonderful team I work with did a little ticket delivery ambush to a seventeen year season seat holder. Bob was beyond words to receive his tickets in person via Landry Fields instead of the mail. And the rest of us all left the scene of the crime saying that was one of the great ones.

Here’s the story through the camera lens and the talented crew following the day. Everybody made it what it was. A great one. -k

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