You Mustn’t Be Afraid to Sparkle a Little Brighter, Darling.

Look at this stunner! This piece was created by the oh so talented Nuno Rocha, a jewelry designer based out of Toronto. He contacted me with an amazing opportunity to co-design a piece of jewelry that was 110% Kat to wear in my everyday shuffle through the Raptors world. And heck ya, I said okay. We decided to focus on a hand piece because there is always a mic attached to my right hand and it adds an extra touch of personality and sparkle to the camera frame. I have very simple taste when it comes to jewelry so the lines remained light even on such a statement piece. It was fun to mix both yellow and white gold because I often wear both; I don’t favour one to the other. And it turned out incredibly. I am absolutely in love with this piece. It’s 110% Kat. Nuno always preaches that he designs and builds his pieces to mould perfectly into the personality and the lifestyle of the customer. Definitely touch base with him if you’re looking to sparkle a little brighter, darling. -k

The Diamond Studio

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Lost in Espanola.

When I pick up a pen to mark up a journal with teetering thoughts and dimly lit dreams, I always begin the same way…
How I feel.
And I get an itty bitty buzz when I can ink a new place of purging into my journals skin.
I’m in Espanola. Population 5000.
As I sit in my pinewood lined hotel room, I try to place the dejavu feeling into the correct feature film. Charlize Theron? Eva Mendes? I’m the leading lady wrapped in plaid with a wild mind fueling nerves into her delicate veins. And it’s so damn awesome but that awesome that you can’t explain unless you get me because you’ve felt the same thing, ya know? I briefly peaked out of the ground floor window into a deserted parking lot of puddles. The Right To Play truck comforted my itch with it’s hood of the car slogan; “Look after yourself. Look after one another.” And scene.
Why am I here? Because on a monday morning I opened my email with my famous ‘one eye open’ glare and I was asked if I’d be available for a voiceover. Okay. It was something new which always blinks the word challenge as I debate the task at hand staring at me across the room. Oh, I see you. I hadn’t read the script before I laid my blonde roast and mug of water on the table in front of the mic; my hair in a ponytail, hoodie, kicks, only pinked up lips hiding the Mondays. Monday morning, ya know? But the minute I watched the footage I was attached. I was vulnerable. It was simple. So was my next thought: I had to go.
I’m happy to be up north. The minute the highway shoulder turned from gravel to sand I promised myself that I would spend more time this summer where the blacktop ends. The hours flew on the road trip up as I counted the number of inuksuk made by hands who hold stories that I’ll never get to hear. There were deer. Five. And trees wrapped in dried up flowers covering what you assume to be unfortunate scenes. Those happened here near Espanola too. And that is why I wanted to be part of the unbelievable team from the MLSE Foundation and Right To Play Canada that are giving their every beat of energy to keeping those flowers alive. To keeping life growing, ya know?
I’m excited to meet the people that I watched in those videos. The people whose names I spoke without shaking their hands first. I’m excited to meet the vulnerable children. I’m excited to do intense arts and crafts and watch people forget about the unfortunate for a moment or remarkable mile. The people that surrounded me on the bus and in the meeting and at dinner are incredible. I’m lucky to be amidst their energy.
It’s go time.

Lost in Espanola
(Polish subtitles available)

Summer Staycation

When the days started getting longer and jackets were left at home and the ball dropped on the basketball court for the last time this season…I bought a book. I know, call me crazy. A book about travelling to Europe.

When the days started getting longer and jackets were left at home and the ball dropped on the basketball court for the last time this season… my dearest friends started getting married and having babies. All at once. This is where I would insert pictures from my European rendezvous but alas, my album is empty. For now. Weekends were filled with wedding showers and baby showers and bachelorette trips and wedding dress shopping and welcome home baby lunches and going to the chapel of love. Weekends were magical and exhausting and truly some of my favourite summer moments. Because my friends were so happy.

And so I decided to have a staycation. And do the things I hadn’t done.

I always label myself as a small town girl at heart with big city dreams so it would only make sense that I landed in Toronto with a scoop of naive and an ice cream hope six years ago. I adore city life. The landscape of people from near and far or ending up at a corner table on a hidden patio with close friends and looking up through the vines and christmas lights, feeling like you’re nowhere near home. A trip to Italy or Greece in just a subway ride, buying homemade perogies in Roncesvalles for Sunday evening and deciding with twenty minutes until opening pitch that you’d like to spend your night at the ballpark. And then making it on time. Hopping onto a friends boat at the base of York Street, the twirl of TIFF and other festivals and peering over my balcony to spot the streetcar so I can judge my timing and not have to stand in the rain. The endless possibilities when you’re restless on any night with the new people you meet on your daily dance.

Yesterday was full of a studio stop and meetings and creativity overload with company over afternoon coffee and cookie crumbs. Via foot. Yonge Street was my tour guide making it from Lakeshore to Eglinton and back. And this is what I saw…

If you’re a city rat, try it. Pretend you’re a tourist. You don’t even need your passport and you can sleep in your own bed without having to remember to put the do not disturb sign on the door. Bonus. -k