Instagram my Life. 14.

Image-24Berry good breakfast. An empty arena is one of my favourite spots to prep. My amazing digital team. Cloudy daze from the treadmill. This hat is for my father because he legit got mad that I was wearing a NY cap. Beautiful words in passing. Staying awake for the Raptors west coast roadie via couchlife. Interviewing Austin Mahone (insert screaming teenage girls). E and me. -k

Instagram my Life. 11.



Work. Play. Boogie. A combo of all of that and more. Host. Dance. Blog. As I sat in the corner booth last night between show sets in my dance heels, surrounded by so much support and the people I adore the most, sipping on a vodka water and laughing at my frisky friends, I thought, damn, I’m a very lucky lass. I am thankful everyday for my blessings. The people, the passion, the predictable and unpredictable. The support. All topped with a little love. -k