Get Your Head to Shut Up and You’ll Hear Your Gut.

My intuition scares me because sometimes I want it to be wrong. There’s that haunting saying, ‘a women’s intuition is a powerful thing’ and as I dance through the game of life I resort to pulling it out of my superhero work belt when I just don’t have the right answer. And as the minutes and moments mount, it usually saves the day.

You know when you just know and you can’t do anything about it? I know. Tell me about it. It takes me back to that busy Saturday morning when I was waiting restlessly for my mixed up bagel order and a darling old lady in a fancy hat grabbed my waist and said, ‘patience is a virtue, my dear’.

This week I decided to take the backseat. Not because it wasn’t a beautiful drive. No flashing stop signs, horrid weather delays, dicey road closures or deer. Just because I wanted to come down from sixty to zero for a moment. Because I didn’t have the answers and the minutes and moment were mounting. And the moment I did you offered to drive. -k

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