Kat’s Closet – The Teal Deal.

I like doing things opposite of what the rest of the world is doing at that time. And I guess my driving course through life allows me to do just that. So, on a Wednesday morning I conquered the errands, shmerrands list. Checkmark.

Boogied through the city in my teal jeans which have been a go-to this summer. And my sling-back geeky shoes. I’ve got mixed reactions to them but they’re worn in from city commuting to movie nights to pairing them with sweatpants in the cottage air. I believe in wearing whatever YOU love. Don’t worry about the top trends list. A friend posted the following quote on twitter that I just adore:

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn.” -Gore Vidal

The real deal. -k

Tank- Aritzia
Jeans- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- G.H Bass & Co.
Purse- Urban Outfitters (Borrowed from Mom)