Save Your Strength For Things That You Can Change.

Hanging high in a moment. Kissing the last months stars. I love flipping the calendar to a new month. A fresh start and a change of pace.

I’m sitting at the computer in my childhood room after an incredible long weekend of unexpected extremes with wonderful company. It’s oh so quiet except for flashes of washed out rain through the open window. Morrison the cat is fighting tired eyes atop the fluffy duvet and as I sip my second cup of java, I’m thinking about all that has changed.

Change. It seems to be the theme of my breathing hours over the last year. Change of residence, career duties, hair, life rulebook, twitter handle, priorital focus, relationship status, intentions, strength and happiness meter. Change of pace.

And I would be fluffing the truth if I said that I wasn’t overwhelmed. But the good kind of overwhelmed where you smile and your heart beats above your shoulder line and you can’t concentrate on the now because you’re anticipating the tomorrow. I think everyone goes through an adjustment peak; sometimes multiple sky high rides and drops. Recently it’s been a heavy conversation starter, like we’re all on the same flight. Another plane, another destination, another tickling full of motivation, stirring hopeful moments through our veins. 

So as the leaves drip with leftovers from the morning rain this is what I’m sipping on as I sit in the room that saw every transition:

I have been a friend, a lover, an enemy and a mystery. I have shared my love, my wrong doings, my secrets and my wishes. I have fought for respect, status, understanding and compassion. I have walked the line, ledge, open road and into a wall. I have juggled choices, visions, what ifs and fairytales. I’ve made people laugh, sob, love and heal. I am accepting my mistakes, edginess, battles and weaknesses.  I’m accepting all that has changed.

Someone said to me “Katherine, you need to trust in advance what will only make sense in reverse.” Change is the only constant. So save your strength for things that you can change.

Happy new month. Wishing you wonderful things. -k

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