Kat’s Closet – Manic Monday Mode

Happy Monday, campers!

Late nights and early mornings seem to be the theme of my summer daze. Last night a text rang “Let’s go to the movies” and I said okay. I ended up at the theatre to see “The Campaign”. All I have to say is 1. Will Ferrell is definitely back on his game and 2. The dinner table scene. … From there it was an evening of good company and conversation that travelled from Ossington to College to watching the sky light up on my balcony. Chatty Kathy.

When your latest nights are your greatest nights the pillow tends to hold onto you for a wee bit longer. So when I don’t have a lot of time to put myself together I always choose one colour and dress it head to toe. Today it was white. And a messy bun. And kicks to motor around the city. And bright lips to distract from the well earned circles under my eyes. -k


Blazer – Forever 21
T-Shirt – H&M Men
Jeans – Madewell
Shoes – Converse
Lipstick – ‘Lady Danger’ MAC

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