Kat’s Closet – Headscarf and Heels

When I let the cat out of the bag about this blog journey, many people splashed out the, “You’re going to post your outfits, right?”. So, welcome to Kat’s Closet. One of my ‘moment to myself’ weaknesses is getting caught up in fashion blogs online. So let’s see if I’ve absorbed anything from my surfing…

The headscarf has been my go-to this summer. Dressed up, dressed down, beach hair, gym hair, need to go out and no time to do your hair; it works for all of the above.

Last night it was a little Burrrronto in the city! But I have to admit, the next season is my favourite when it comes to dressing your own mannequin. I headed to the village for a beer with some good, good people who I hadn’t seen in a minute. I’m all about mixing dressed up/dressed down pieces. -k

Sweater- Zara
Shorts- Joe Fresh that I sliced up myself because I wasn’t wearing them and voila!
Shoes- Aldo
Headscarf- American Apparel
Lipstick- ‘Lady Danger’ MAC – it’s my absolute favourite!

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