People Often Forget that Kindness is Free.

Dear happiness.
Thank you for hanging out. Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for not judging my weaknesses and side stepping days where my mind and heart were restless, moving in rebellious patterns and I couldn’t find that fight for what was right. And thank you for the warm-hearted man who I say hi to every morning on my exit into the raging world of people who do things the opposite of what I necessarily believe in. Today he told me I’m in the right place. He told me to spend my money, travel, take a chance at something untouched, simplify, be with men, do the things I’m scared of; live. He said Katherine, you come into this world naked and you leave naked meaning with nothing, so fill the in between with your wildest dreams because now is the time. And keeping running. It all started with the question, why do you run so much? I said it is a therapeutic thing. Good music and an open road. He said it’s the best thing for your body, mind and soul. Keep running towards what you want. That’s what he said.
I love these unexpected moments. -k

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