Blank Canvas Battles.


Ah, the love and hate relationship I have with a blank canvas. Being able to create is a beautiful thing. I truly believe that everything you do in life is art. The ripple of cream you stir in your morning coffee. The freeze frame moment after you’ve applied your favourite lipstick in the glowy bathroom mirror. The angle your hat tips and your purse sits and your shirt hits. The way you’re leaning against the rail in the elevator the moment the door opens at ground zero and mister 7th floor is standing there. The way the wind tosses your hair across your face as you exit into the stream of people on Yonge street. The constant madness of footsteps making music on your morning commute. The smile you smile to the streetcar driver who passes it to the business man behind you who passes it to the young girl with the baby in the pretty paisley scarf. A jump over the greased stained puddle. The way you dodge bicycles and taxis during your lunch break. Biting into 3pm cookies and sprinkling crumbs on your lap. The single bead of sweat that rolls down the middle of your back when you’re in a hurry that nobody else sees. The way the fruits and vegetables are sorted on your grocery list. Standing still at the ATM as the city buzzes around you. The way you love someone. I believe you need to create because it feels amazing.

And as I dabble into the list of beliefs I’ve collected over my soul searching days of existence these are the ones that keep me going …

I believe in signs from the universe. I believe you know when you know. I believe it takes life experiences to trust the intuitive pangs in your tummy. I believe in giving thanks and being thankful. I believe in dancing your worries away on a messy Friday night. I believe that no word, action, feeling or choice is wrong when it comes from your heart. I believe in forever, ever and the forever that it takes to get there. In dropping below control before soaring the highest that you’ve ever been. In a look that says a million words. In dreams that are wishes your heart makes when you’re fast asleep. I believe in not being ready, timing and patience. I believe in the present and the necessity of past experiences in order to make the future exactly how you want it to be. I believe everyone knows deep down how they want it to be. I believe in finding the happy in your days and in the ability to feel it forever. Even when coated with muck for a moment or a murky mile. Alone. Together. I believe in the finding of a purpose. Because when you do your feet will do the thinking and you’ll roll on along. I believe in going with the flow. Just like a song. Just like dancing. -k

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