A Simple +1.

It’s funny what an effortless flip of a calendar can do to your soul. A simple +1. A visual leap to the top. A new unpredictable countdown as you quietly absorb the past. The faces that are still smiling in the same room as you and the ones that trickled away with time. The drops of secrets wiped away by your pillowcase and the emotional thrills of victory absorbed by your apartment walls. Meeting people and standing in places that were once only a photograph of wonderland in your curious hands. The million miles that you walked and the million thoughts that you talked. Anxious hopes on the pursuit of personal victory. Visions. Oblivious climbs. Complicated kindness. A simple warm love that knocked three times when you weren’t expecting anybody. The calculated hope that smiles far surpass fears. Nobody needs to know and nobody needs to see. A rainbow of elegant wonders that started just like this on a simple piece of lined freedom the last time a flip of a calendar put you in this place. I was always a sucker for rollercoasters. Let’s go on again… -k