Porcelain Update.

Hi. Happy FriYAY. Yes, I said it. It’s been a busy one and at 6:41pm as I wait for my chicken to cook there is still more FriYAY to come.

We just got back from rehearsal for Porcelain I’m ignoring the mad sniffles that have visited me this week and asked them kindly to be nice until 1am. Sometimes you just need to plow through! Amberley, this one’s for you!

Porcelain is her brain child. She’s putting together some last minute music changes and the guestlist for the evening. And I sit here at the counter laughing because everywhere I turn there is a costume piece staring at me.

It’s been really cool manipulating the show when we show up in the afternoon to suit the venue at hand. This afternoon we fell in love with the circular leather banquets and falling lights. It’s going to feel exactly how we like it.

Amberley, Candice, Ashley and I are all so, so thankful for the support that we have had over the last few months in the city from family, friends and strangers that aren’t strangers anymore. I’m thrilled and nervous about the audience attending tonight. Thank you for being there for us while we burlesque.
Dinner is ready and my pillow is calling shortly after. Naps save lives.
Here are some pictures from the show last weekend. Have a wonderful weekend and be safe! -k





The Spaces Between a Dance Floor and a Basketball Court.

My acting teacher used to tell me that my extremely animated facial expressions were both a pro and a con. A pro for stage life. A con for the way I really felt about a situation or moment when I wanted to lock it as an inside thought. I’ve learned to live with it. 

This was the truth written all over my face the moment I dropped my bags inside my apartment door and sat my tired self down on my couch Sunday night,  roomie in tow. I’m thankful for her because she understands the hustle because she does it too.

My current calendar is full of intimidating excitement. Porcelain has been getting big bites in the city and we’ve got a set of shows coming up in the next few weeks. Somehow it’s easy to go to rehearsal instead of bed.

We’re performing this Friday —> Porcelain at Cube Nightclub

 Saturday, we hit the stage at a 20’s themed Halloween event for Remy Martin. The four of us had a moment where we nodded in agreement that we didn’t care that we were missing Halloween parties or that we wouldn’t get home until after two or that sleep was a foreign word because we were exactly where we wanted to be. Performing. It’s a pretty incredible feeling and it’s pretty dope to feel a similar buzz from the people surrounding you.

<Insert four hours of sleep and my alarm clock going off at 7am Sunday morning right here>


I was on a bus watching the flying by scenery change from concrete jungle to fields and farms. There is something uber comforting about the escaping into the great white north. The Raptors took the game to Casino Rama for a scrimmage for fans.

For myself I’m involved in a variety of areas when events like this are put together, both in the game aspect and social media/television coverage and it’s really cool to see the power of teamwork bring the game closer to the fans.

It also marks the marked the completion of the preseason and we’re ready for the everything to count. The bumps and fumbles of the dress rehearsal mode are left behind. Time to get the show started!

This morning I masked tired eyes with a ball cap and my tired brain with coffee and an honest smile and put forth some prep for the big home opener on Wednesday. Looking forward to making magic with the wonderful people I work with again.

Time to disappear for a couple of hours and get my yoga fix. Balance. -k