It’s crazy what a tiny little escape from reality can do for your head and heart. Just change the pace a bit. Mix up the expected with something unexpected. Don’t make plans, just go with moment.

“Wanna go to Montreal next weekend?”

The man in my iPhone rang the alarm that morning at 6am. I call him Toby. We jumped in the car, grabbed the road trip necessities of good music and the largest coffees we could find and we left reality behind for a couple of days.

I remember sitting at my desk the Monday morning after and all I could call the feeling was refreshed. I remember stepping onto set that week and my co-worker saying “Now there’s the smile I’ve missed lately, you seem real good.”

All it took was:
– Watching my first Raptors game in over seven seasons from the comfort of the crowd.
– An extremely intimidating Turkey Club at Rueben’s Deli. An every visit visit.
– Pre Saturday eve out consisting of a bottle of vino and Ghostbusters.
– Lunch with my fairy goddaughter in Old Montreal.
– Rainbow hunting.
– Tattooed alleyways.
– Disappearing back to the 1920s at a hidden speakeasy playing Sinatra. I was in heaven.
– Grabbing coffee and walking with no direction or time.

And all I can thank is the quick change of pace. And of course the good company. Now where should the next one be… -k

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