It’s honesty hour. I’ve been irritated by silly triggers this week like the normal hum of a room or an innocent look from a stranger. We’ve all been there. I’ve received a few texts from people in the same state of mind this last little while. Maybe it’s the leftovers from the full moon. I think it’s a combination of frustration and confusion. Frusfusion.

Maybe it’s not being able to get what I want. But also not knowing what I confidently want in the first place. But not knowing if it’s what I want because I don’t have a chance to explore the treasure. Those growing pains. Roadblock rambles.

Everything happens for a reason. I write that out all of the time. And I don’t think it’s just a safe way out. This week I questioned my support of that statement. Okay, yes, I still believe it. I just think I questioned it because my heart is rotating beats of selfishness and impatience and honesty and truth. And it’s allowed. In the end if you never share your truth, you’ll never know. I’m just waiting on the clock to strike ‘now’.

So with that I say never be afraid to let your true self shine. Everything else will fall into place. And you can do it all. No limits. So do it all. Someday everything will make perfect sense. Promise. Until then, here is a drawing of a cat… -k

2 thoughts on “Roadblock Rambles.

  1. “Someday everything will make perfect sense. Promise.” Life is worth living because of its depths. Bouts of pain or confusion, not to be mistaken for suffering, are small treasures we take for granted. It’s a daily reminder that we are not perfect and are not meant to be, instead we should continue learning and ultimately transcend our knowledge to others through our experiences.

    It’s difficult…but open your arms to adversity and life will surprise you…you will certainly surprise yourself as well. Life can be cruel and confusing at times, but as you’ve mentioned, it all happens for a reason. Trust in yourself, you’re heading in the right direction. You may have just taken a detour to ‘stop and smell the roses’ on your way there. 😉

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